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Apex Christmas Parade - Ukrainian Carolers

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Rodgers Family Skate Plaza at 1290 Ambergate Station, Apex, NC 27502
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Dec 3, 2022
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Українців Кароліни запросили взяти участь у цьогорічному різдвяному параді в Apex. Наша мета для цього заходу – популяризувати нашу прекрасну, волелюбну та миролюбну українську культуру, відтворивши святкову атмосферу, коли українські колядники ходять містом із різдвяними зірками, співають українські колядки та бажають усім добра та миру! Якщо ви хочете приєднатися до нашого параду, ви повинні бути готові бути на ногах приблизно з 16:30 до 19:00. Ви повинні бути в українському вбранні (в міру своїх можливостей). Будь ласка, приносьте свої українські різдвяні зірки, які ми зробили два вихідних тому.
Учасникі параду мають починати гуртувати свої групи о 16:00. Ви можете припаркуватися в Rodgers Family Skate Plaza (1290 Ambergate Station, Apex, NC 27502). Зустрічаемось на Ambergate Station між Hunter St & Apex Peakway під номером 61. Парад починається о 17:00, і наша група має бути повною та готовою до руху о 16:30. Сподіваємося мати велику делегацію від нашої громади, щоб представити нашу Україну на цьому параді!

Ukrainians in the Carolinas have been invited to participate in this year's Apex Christmas Parade. Our goal for this event is to promote our beautiful, freedom and peace-loving Ukrainian culture by recreating a holiday atmosphere of Ukrainian Christmas carolers walking around town with Christmas Stars, singing Ukrainian Christmas carols and wishing good fortunes to all! If you would like to join our Parade performance, you will have to be prepared to be on your feet from around 16:30 pm to around 7 pm. You will have to have Ukrainian attire on (to the best of your abilities). Please bring your Ukrainian Christmas stars that we made two weekends ago.
Parade line up will start at 16:00 pm. You can park at the Rodgers Family Skate Plaza at 1290 Ambergate Station, Apex, NC 27502 and find us on Ambergate Station between Hunters St & Apex Peakway under #61. We hope to have a large delegation representing our Ukrainian community and our Ukrainian homeland!

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You've got questions and we have the answers

Who are Ukrainians in the Carolinas?

We are a network of volunteers throughout the Carolinas dedicated to assisting the people of Ukraine and promoting Ukrainian culture in the Carolinas. Our network has been operational in the Triangle for the last 8 years, ever since Russia invaded Ukraine. We have been collecting and shipping medical supplies to Ukraine, helping refugees, wounded warriors, families of perished Ukrainian heroes and orphans. We have hosted numerous cultural events and advocated for assistance to Ukraine. Since February 24, 2022, when Russia started its new phase of war in Ukraine, we have become an even stronger and larger group and welcome your support. We have media coverage, politicians’ attention, but most importantly - everybody’s willingness to help Ukraine’s brave military and citizens. We already shipped several containers of medical supplies, so generously donated to us by local supporters of Ukraine and of freedom. We also provided localized support to various cities throughout Ukraine where there was a great need for food and medical supplies.

What is your status? Are you an officially recognized charitable organization?

We are a NC charitable non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. EIN: 88-2029754

Where can I send my monetary donation?

You can write a check to Ukrainians in the Carolinas or PayPal or Zelle your donation to donations.ukrainians.carolinas@gmail.com

Can I donate clothing or other goods?

At the moment, the border is overwhelmed with various humanitarian supplies from European nations, so we are focusing our efforts on securing and shipping medical supplies only.

What else can I do to help in supporting Ukraine against the Russian invasion?

Spread the word! Contact your elected representatives and ask them to provide air defense systems to Ukraine, expedite legislation to allow Ukrainian refugees into US, and secure humanitarian corridors into sieged Ukrainian cities.

I have a press inquiry or want to schedule an interview

Please email us at ukrainians.carolinas@gmail.com

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